Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Paleo" Margaritas

Is tequila Paleo? Some people say yes because it comes from the agave plant and some say no because reguardless of what it is made from it is still alcohol and does have negative affects on your body.  With that being said, most of us are going to drink once in a while anyway!  So if we are going to drink, lets at least try to make a better option right? 
I love a good margarita.  There is nothing better than sitting outside on a sunny day, with a margarita in hand, maybe some Jack Johnson playing in the background, and with some good company. All margarita mix you buy at the store has SO much sugar.  Real margaritas actually give me instant heart burn with all the sugar and sour mix.  So I like to make my own.  I made these last night, continuing the graduation celebrations.  I'm already ready for the celebrations to end and i've still got the big 2-5 coming up soon.  Yikes my poor body.

Side note: this post is for people who chose to drink while on paleo diet (aka fun people...just kidding..kinda), its not intended to strike a debate about if tequila is paleo or not. K thanks.

- 5 large strawberries cut into chunks/ or container of blackberries/raspberries
- 1 lime- cut a couple slices to decorate your glasses and the rest used for fresh squeezed lime juice
-1/2-3/4 cup of silver tequila of your choice
- 1/2 cup of lemon-lime club soda
- 2-3 tbs honey/agave nectar- add more or less depending how sweet you want it
-1/2 cunsweetened coconut- for rim of glass
** makes one pitcher-about 4 large margaritas

1. Add berries, tequila, club soda, honey, lime juice in blender.  Fill the rest of blender with ice.  Blend it all up!

2. get to small plates, put unsweetened coconut on one plate and a few squirts of honey or agave nectar on the other plate. 
3. dip rim of margarita glass in honey first, then dip in cocout.
Enjoy Responsibly!

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