Monday, May 2, 2011

Skinny-Girl (or guy) Coconut Shrimps

First of all, hopefully I don't get sued by "real housewife" Bethenny Frankel for using her product name "skinny girl" in my blog title.  You never know these days. Moving on,  "Skinny girl coconut shrimp? Sounds more like fat girl coconut shrimp to me!"  Yes, I am creating voices in my blog from imaginary people.  So in response to that imaginary voice, Fat doesn't make you fat!  Good fats actually help control you're weight, not to mention you need them for energy.  Here's an article from Marks Daily Apple on fat

I went to a naturopathic doctor in milford on friday for acupuncture on my troublesome shoulder.  To my surprise the first thing she asked me about was my diet.  She is the first doctor that has ever told me to increase my "good fat" intake because it helps to decrease inflammation.  I did already know this information because I have heard our crossfit trainers mention this numerous times, but I have never heard increase your fat out of the mouth of a doctor.  Instant respect for this doctor from me. 
Good fats: eggs, olive oil, avacado, fish, nuts, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream

Ok about those shrimps!

You will need:
-1/2 lb of raw shrimp ( this is plenty for 2 people)--take the tails off those things, peeling the tails off while trying to get food in your face as fast as possible when you're starving is very annoying.
- couple tbs of coconut oil for frying
- about a cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
- 1 egg-beaten
- pinch of celtic sea salt

1. melt coconut oil in frying pan
2. put coconut on plate- add small pinch of sea salt
3. dip shrimp in beaten egg
4. coat in coconut
5. toss in frying pan
~ thats it!  cook until brown on both sides and until the shrimp has turned white all the way through.
~ You can drizzle on some honey, eat on a salad, maybe add some salsa, or serve with your fav veggies.
~ I had my shrimp with my two favorite veggies, asparagus and mushrooms.  I just tossed t hem in a baking dish, sprayed with some coconut oil and added a pinch of sea salt and roasted them for about ten minutes.
** note this was only half the shrimp.

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  1. Nicki,
    I am very happy that you have a blog. Once school is over, I plan on trying some of your delicious looking recipes. Maybe we can even have a cooking date.

    Amanda Grace