Friday, April 29, 2011

Serious Breakfast of Champions

I know what you're thinking, what the hell is that?? Baby food on eggs?  This is what I ate for breakfast and it was delicious!  So in my blog the other day I posted how I hate working out in the AM blah blah, today I didn't have a choice.  Coach Jay looked as if he saw a ghost when I strolled in at 9am, I can't remember the last time I worked out before 10.  Anyway who cares when I work out, what i'm getting at is I needed a serious post work out meal and breakfast because I can't eat before I workout, especially when its a mile run sandwiched between 2 five minute amraps that involved kettlebell swings and Ghd sit-ups (modified for me).  I had two eggs cooked in a tiny bit of coconut oil, don't want fat post work out according to coach colin. On top is left over sweet potato & spicy sausage soup from the other day.  It is more like a puree so it has a good consistency to put ontop of eggs, chicken, meat, whatever you want. I admit, it looks like baby food on a plate, but get passed that, it was delish, and it is now 1 and i'm still not hunry. Of course, to top it off, venti iced coffee from starbs. So no recipe for today, just a little breakfast/post wod idea for you morning people.
Here is the recipe for the soup in case you didn't catch it. sweet potato+Spicy Sausage soup

And again, thanks for all the positive feedback from everyone, I wish everyone wasn't having such a difficult time commenting on my blog, i'd love to see/hear from people who have tried the recipes.  I need a computer nerd to give me a little info on what to tell my followers on how to post comments, let me know!

~Nicki cleaneats Peet(s)