Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peanut Butter , Rapeseeds, Canola.... OH MY

Trivia: What in the heck is Canola Oil made from?
Yesterday I made a joke in my peanut butter vs almond butter blog about peanut butter containing Rapeseed Oil.  I said I didn't know what it was but I was sure I didn't want any rapeseeds in my body.  Being the nerd that I am, I obviously did some research and turns out, Rape Seed is as bad as it sounds!  In the natural form Rape seed is 50% Eruric Acid and has a very high glucosinolate content.  Eruric acid is an omega-9 fatty acid.  Ingestion of large amounts of this acid have been directly linked to permanent heart damage.  "So what everything is linked to heart damage and disease..."  Ok well let me put it this way, Rape seed is a toxic plant in the mustard seed family whose oil's have been used in the production of,  motor oil, is cultivated in Europe for Animal Feed (mainly fed to cows to fatten them up), it is used as a binder for oil paints, and as a pesticide.  When feeding Rapeseed to animals started causing health problems in the animals, scientists in CANada (hence CANola oil name) came up with an oil with much less Eruric acid and Glucosinolate content.  So Rapeseed is the Momma to Canola Oil, canola oil is pressed from the seeds of a plant that is used to produce motor oil and that is used as a pesticide.  After reading what I have read about Canola oil the past couple days, I don't care how cheap it is!! But coincidentally, I was at whole foods yesterday and picked up a bag of almonds so I could make my own almond butter.  Luckily, I noticed before I payed that I grabbed a bag of roasted almonds by accident instead of Raw almonds. Roasted almonds that were roasted in canola oil!  Read the ingredients, if you are buying something as simple as almonds, there shouldn't be any other ingredients besides almonds on the label!  I also came across many articles disputing the fact that canola oil is bad for us, saying it has little to no Euric acid content.  Maybe this is true but at one point it was a Rapeseed, and it had to go through one hell of a process to get it to the point of being Canola Oil.  Why even use it when you have options like olive oil.  Where is it from? Olives Coconut oil, where is it from? Coconuts.  Canola oil, where is it from?? Now we know, but when I asked you in the beginning of the post if you knew where it was from, did you know?

So overall Mr. Kelleher, if you are going to continue eat peanutbutter, please read the ingredients and buy a brand with NO RAPESEEDS!  If you are craving some Jiffy, go pop the hood of your car and take a wiff of that motor oil and remember what those Rapeseeds are used for!

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