Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peanut Butter VS Almond Butter (how to make your own)

One of my best buddies from UMASS, Kevin Kelleher, left me a message on facebook today.  Although he wouldn't recognize me these days, considering I traded in my boxed wine I always toted around with me in college, for a real life, big girl purse.  Anywho, his message was:

"nickels im digging the blog despite the fact that i get really excited for something like "pancakes" only to be dissapointed when seeing the ingredients don't include reeses pieces or chocolate chips. Anywho how bad is skippy peanut butter for me. My buddy once laced into me about how it basically will give me cancer and i stopped for... like a week (similar to when i wake up monday morning saying i will never drink again and then im singing "shout" on a local dive bar's dance floor) but now im even worse. I legit have atleast 2 peanutbutter and fluff sandwhiches a day. Mostly because im broke. I would get the "natural" peanutbutter but its like double the price for half the size. So my question is, is skippy peanut butter slowly killing me?
 ps i think you should have a reader question of the day because thats just my peanut butter question, god forbid you tell me ketchup is bad for me i may as well just start digging my grave now"
Dear Kev,
If you don't love peanut butter than you probably aren't a human.  Peanut butter & fluff, PB&J, peanut butter icecream, peanutbutter cups, you name it, I would LOVE to eat it.  But in reality I have switched over my peanut butter habits to almond butter. 
First of all, there has been numerous recalls on peanut butter in the past two years for people getting salmonella from it! Grossss. Read this http://pediatrics.about.com/b/2011/03/04/skippy-peanut-butter-recall.htm  This year's recall was on your beloved Skippy Peanut butter, maybe you weren't really hung over, it was the Skippy Salmonella creeping up on you.
  When you look at a label of almond butter vs peanut butter the nutritional facts are actually not that different. 
RAW Almond butter


RAPESEED? What even is a rapeseed? I don't think I want any rapeseeds thank you

But when you look at the ingredients there is a big difference.  Almond butter is plain and simple, Raw Almonds.  Jiffy throws in the preservatives, extra oil, extra sugars, salts basically extra stuff you're body doesn't need.  Not to mention, Peanuts aren't even actually nuts, they are considered to be apart of the Legume family.  Legumes contain Lectin.  Lectin is a glycoprotein that binds with or sticks to carbohydrates.  Basically due to its sticky nature, it also has the ability to stick to the lining of your small intestine causing numerous gastointestinal problems. Lectins are also associated with autoimmune disorders due to the fact that those sneaky little guys can get into your blood stream, after they mess with your belly! 
On top of the extra sugar, salt, and oils in peanutbutter, and thesalmonella, GI problems, auto immune disorders, doesn't anyone wonder what is up with all the peanut allergies these days?  If that many people are allergic to peanut butter, it makes me wonder what kind of chemical make up does it have to make so many people so sick. 
Almond butter is the next best alternative to peanut butter, it takes some getting used to because its not as sweet, its not as creamy, and it....its just not the same.  But it is a much healthier option if you are looking for a healthier option.  If you want to stick with peanut butter but like you said ,can't afford the organic peanut butter. You can make your own!  I don't know if I trust you with a food processor Kevin but here is how I made my own almond butter, you can substitue whatever nuts you want.
Add nuts to food processor

After about a minute in the processor ( can use it at this point for almond flour)

After a few minutes -- turn on for 30 seconds at a time, then turn off and scrape sides

Raw Almond butter in less than 5 minutes!
**** I just saved an almond butter jar I already had and store it in there

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