Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spice it up

Two things I've been eating a little too frequently, my coconut crusted chicken recipe and chicken salad.  These are two things I prepare on sunday or monday so I have a few days worth of mindless lunch and dinner.  I really enjoy both of these things, but sometimes you just need to spice it up a little.  These aren't really recipes but here's two things I did this week to spice up my food a bit. 

Coconut Crusted Chicken w/mango salsa
 I make a bunch of "chicken cutlets" and leave them plain, that way if I eat it a few days in a row I can switch between salsa, marinara, different veggies or whatever I feel like having on it.
To make the chicken cutlets I dip thin sliced chicken breast in egg, then "bread" them in a mixture of unsweetened coconut and flaxseed meal, I then brown them on both sides in coconut oil, and then bake them covered for about 15 minutes at 350 to keep the moisture in.

You can find my Mango Salsa here. (scroll to the bottom of the page)  The salsa and coconut chicken was a reallllly yummy/summery/refreshing combination.

For lunch today I made my self some cute little edible chicken salad bowls.

I usually just eat chicken salad out of the container or wrap it up in lettuce, but if you slice one pepper(find a nice round one) into four pieces they make perfect little dishes that you can eat the chicken salad with.  It adds a nice little spice to your same old lunch.  I made this chicken salad with chicken breast, walnuts,  shredded carrots, and olive oil mayo ( not paleo, I know, not the best, I know, but I haven't successfully made my own mayo and I only use a little bit ..ok?)  For a lot of people lunch seems to be the most difficult to prepare for because most people associate lunch time with sandwiches, chips, soups, etc.  These little guys kinda make you feel like your eating a sandwich, just a littttttle crunchier.  They are even easy to eat in the car! Trust me, I tried it out today, it was way less messy then trying to eat my spaghetti squash egg bake on the road this morning.  I'm not even that busy , I don't know why I ate breakfast and lunch while driving. Anyway, I know I get way too excited about silly things like salsa and red pepper "bowls".  Hope you enjoy a couple new ways to spice up your food.


  1. Nicki, the chix salad looks great; I think that will be my lunch next week. I just bought some cutlets so I'm also going to try your coconut/flax recipe. Great ideas for lunch to last a few days.

  2. I love all of your recipes now its just time to start making these things...I think I would really benefit from a post (if you have any interest in doing so) about the basic paleo ingredients like coconut oil that will help any beginner paleo-er make the most out the ingredients and won't have to make multiple trips to wholefoods several times a week. thanks for sharing all your great ideas! :) -Lo

  3. thanks guys! Laur, I have a post about coconut oil ( I'm trying to figure out how to organize my blog posts by type of post/recipe so it will be easier to find) I will def make a "beginners" post, I know some of the trainers from crossfit said they refer their beginners here, so i'm sure many more people will benefit from that.