Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celtic Sea Salt

My friend Gina just asked "What's the Deal with Celtic Sea Salt?" I was responding to the question and thought other people also may want to hear the response, so thanks for the blog idea G !. Celtic sea salt is not processed like regular table salt, has no additives or chemicals like most table salts do, and it also has way more minerals. While it still functions the same as other salts in terms of the need for it for  normal physiological function.  I also love it because its really grainy and I like the texture on veggies. :)-- my explanation
-I also just asked Colin his input because he is the one who encouraged me to use it, he said "Regular refined salt has anti-caking agents which are aluminum (can cause heavy metal toxicity) also has dextrose (sugar), sodium silico aluminate (associated with kidney problems and malabsorption), sodium acetate (associated with elevated blood pressure, kidney disturbance, and water rentention).  It also has more sodium chloride which hangs out in your body and causes swelling and kidney problems"  --- Yikess!! Adios "land salt", next time you eat a salty meal and feel crazy bloated, now you know why.
I hope that answers your question G ! 

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