Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot Finds!

These three items are my latest finds:
1.) Rao's marinara- the boss' wife aka Jocelyn told me about this sauce today, and since I was on my way to one of the three stores I go to regularly(trader joes, whole foods, stop and shop), I bought it.  When Jocelyn said she only likes homemade sauce (none from the jar), but she absolutley loved this one, I was sold.  I poured it over my meatballs and broccoli that I had for dinner tonight, and it was amazing!  Thanks for the hot find!
2.) I'm not sure if you can read the label of the dark chocolate, but its a Trader Joe's 73% dark chocolate that I got today.  Gina asked me yesterday about the kind of chocolate I used in my cookies/cupcakes.  I had used just regular dark chocolate chips, because I didn't find any 73% at the store I was at, and didn't feel like going further down the post road.  So for your chocolate purchases I would suggest trader joes ( cheaper and more options than whole foods)
3.) I saved the best Hot Find for last, my new favorite Lara Bar, Coconut Cream Pie !   I know most of you Paleo eaters have been eating Lara bars for a while now.  I ate them all the time last year, but like everything else I eat regularly, I got sooo sick of them and haven't really eaten them in a few months.  As a regular down the "bars" aisle at whole foods, I passed the Lara bars and a new colored white box jumped right out at me ! Yes, I know its sad when you recognize an out of the ordinary colored lara bar box. Since we all know I have a sick obsession with coconut I had to buy a few of them to try.  They are delicious, they taste like a coconut macaroon! I have only found them at whole foods thus far, i'm anxiously waiting for trader joes or stop and shop to get them ( they will probably be much cheaper).These are the only ingredients in the Coconut Cream Pie Lara Bar:
Side Note: While these are delicious and contain all natural ingredients, they are all carbs + fat, so don't go eating 5 in one day.  Everything in moderation....Easier said than done, I know.


  1. Nicki,
    I love Dark chocolate too. I usually buy from WF. I guess my only concern is fair trade and organic. Does TJ's have an organic dark chocolate? I think most of their stuff is already fair trade! Yay!

  2. Kristen,
    TJ's does have organic fair trade dark chocolate sometimes. But you are right, sometimes I just buy it from WF because TJ's is hit or miss. Sometimes the chocolate is in the baking aisle, sometimes its at the end of the aisle's sometimes, and this past time it was in the frozen food section. So you have to dig around. I go there for chocolate and turkey jerky. Sometimes they have both items, sometimes they have neither. I don't really get it! I do know that they have fair trade organic coffee.

  3. I don't know if Walmart has the coconut larabars yet, but they have the lowest price I've found for the bars so far($1.09). Love the coconut cream pie! I see they have a chocolate coconut next sample!

    (Kristen Hunt)

  4. Does anyone know if carob chips are Paleo friendly?