Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quality Over Quantity

The biggest debate with eating clean is the cost of organic products.  People are probably thinking, this Clean Eats chick must be rackin in some serious dough to be cooking/baking with all those expensive ingredients.  WRONG. I'm putting myself through Nursing school right now, I work part time, and I have about $20,000 in loans from my undergraduate degree. YIKES. How do I afford to even eat? Well, I work part time, which basically gives me enough to cover my gym membership, the bills that I have, and food. I cut out my mani/pedis sadly, I rarely go out with my friends anymore (thanks for still liking me even though i'm lame), no vacations, and the only clothes I have bought in the past months are sports bras, workout pants, and scrubs. I also put my credit card to good use, with the hopes I will get a great job as soon as I graduate(in 12 weeks,thank god) and be able to pay it off.  Sometimes I wonder who I think I am spending so much money on food and ingredients.  But then I realize, Oh, because this is what I put in my body.  The food you eat now, will effect you for the rest of your life.  I am in my Cardiac rotation in school right now, today we covered blood pressure.  One of the main reasons people live with uncontrolled blood pressure is non-compliance with medications.  Why? Because they are EXPENSIVE. Even with insurance some combination anti-hypertensive medications can cost up to $50 dollars a month. That is just for the medication, don't forget the doctors visits, any hospitalizations, stress testing, etc.  What about diabetes? The meds alone can cost up to $200/ month depending on the type and how many different drugs you are taking. That doesn't include the glucose meter, lancets (finger pricks), or glucose test strips. Plus medical costs for all of the complications that go along with diabetes and hypertension.  Type II diabetes and hypertension can both be prevented and treated with lifestyle change such as diet and exercise.  I choose to invest my money in my health. What good is money if your not healthy anyway?   So for all those people who tell me i'm crazy for spending the little money that I have right now on a gym membership and organic, gluten free ingredients, I would just have to say I don't care what you think!  Maybe you can get 9 items off the dollar menu at Wendy's for what I spend on one jar of coconut oil, but I can walk up stairs without getting out of breath, I can carry 8 grocery bags into my house at once, I wake up with energy that lasts throughout the day, and I can fit back into my jeans from freshman year of college!
So I will take this:
over this:


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