Friday, March 18, 2011

Left overs for breakfast

While most 25 year olds are having "Kegs and Eggs" for breakfast on St.Patty's day, I am having steak and eggs. Not as fun, but I signed up last minute to compete at the crossfit sectionals tomorrow, so no kegs for me . I had some left over steak from Fajitas last night, so add a few eggs, some coconut oil, and some hot sauce and there you have a paleo breakfast.
Best find ever, coconut oil spray!! Tip: run tip under hot water after each use, the coconut oil hardens and makes the spray get clogged up.  I thought I got ripped off the second time I went to use it and nothing came out.
-spray your skillet with coconut oil
-add some eggs ( I used 2)
- toss in your left overs
- add some hot sauce
- enjoy with cup of coffee with a dash of heavy whipping cream ( best part of breakfast) and a handful of some fresh raspberries.

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