Monday, March 28, 2011

Protein Pancakes

Calling all meatheads! For those of you who are tired of eating eggs every, single, day for breakfast, switch it up a bit and try some protein pancakes!  One of my followers, Margaret, shared this recipe with me from Marks Daily Apple.  Only a few ingredients, quick, and easy to make, perfect for those who say they don't have time to make breakfast in the morning.  I just made + ate these in ten minutes ( probably because I ate them as they came out of the pan).  When I cook for myself only, I tend to eat standing up at the stove, probably not the best for digestion.  I tweaked the recipe just a tad, but I really enjoyed these "pancakes"!  The recipe called for 2 bananas, one egg, and one heaping spoonful of almond butter.  I used only one banana, one egg, and 2 "heaping spoonfuls" of almond butter and added a scoop of my vanilla whey protein.  No need for extra carbs for me after I had a serious cheat meal that included Margaritas(yumm) on Saturday night.  Needless to say, while we had a very good time, i'm paying for it today. 

****Someone had asked me about the grams of protein per serving:  depends on the type of protein powder and how much you consume, but with 26g of whey protein, 16 g protein in almond butter, and 7 g in the egg, the batter is just about 50g protein all together.

Protein Pancakes:
1 mashed banana
1 egg
2 "heaping spoonfuls" of almond butter
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
Coconut Oil for frying

Add about a table spoon of coconut oil to pan, let it melt, add batter to pan.  I made small pancakes because they were a little trickier to flip when they were larger.  This made about 9 small pancakes.  I ate 4 ( and felt pretty full!) and am bringing the rest to princess Colin to snack on while he is at the gym.  Enjoy!


  1. So glad you liked them Nicki. My daughter has a milk allergy so sometimes it's hard to get her pancakes without milk. Her and I devour these when I make them. They are tricky to flip. Tasted like banana bread to me. I'll have to try them with the protein sometime, sounds like a great idea.

    We made the spaghetti squash bake last night and my husband and I can't keep away from yummy (hot or cold)

  2. They did taste like banana bread and I really liked the lightness of them!

    I love cold left overs! I finished (the very little that was left) the eggbake cold the next morning!

  3. Is there a particular vanilla whey protein that you recommend or like to use?

  4. The whey protein I hsve found that is the best price for the best quality, is BlueBonnet-Whey Protein Isolate Natural French Vanilla Flavor. The only ingredients are whey protein, natural vanilla flavor, and stevia. It is gluten free and soy free. I've noticed it is hard to find a soy free protein. There is a picture of the protein under my protein bars recipe. If you are like me and you need to see the container you are looking for.

  5. oh and you can find it in the supplement section at whole foods

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  8. For breakfast, we usually have sausage and eggs (fills us up for hours) but we are headed out for the weekend and we ran out of sausage today and I don’t want to get more before we leave, this Gluten Free Pancake Recipe will be the perfect breakfast for tomorrow!!